Hot lunches

I have been working with the various departments to try to return a hot lunch option to the school and ensure that the school has midday cleans as part of our ongoing risk assessments. We are now in a position to trial a hot lunch option next week with full commencement the week after. The children taking school lunch will eat in the hall, remaining in their class bubbles, while those for packed lunch will continue to eat these in their classrooms.

Please find the menu below.
For next week, sandwich options will be;
Mon 16/11/20  – Tuna Mayo or Cheese
Tues 17/1120    – Ham or Egg Mayo
We will then use the menu below from then onwards ~ we will be on Week 4 (note the dates below each week) for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Please also note for week 2, it is Salmon Nibbles rather than Salmon Fillet.

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