Plans for week beginning 11th January onwards

Our plans for next week and following have been developing over these last few days. These will continue to be adapted as we go through this lockdown as guidance and information is updated.

  • Each class will have a grid of work added to their Google Classroom by 9am each Monday. This is flexible for children to work through as appropriate. There is no expectation that children are sitting in front of a computer all day and opportunities for learning away from the computer will be included.
  • This will include a variety of work and skills development with main curricular areas of health and wellbeing, literacy and numeracy key. It will embed previous learning and aim to move this forward also.
  • Children who are in-school for key worker or vulnerable reasons will be supported to access this online learning and work through it both on the computer and off to provide equity of provision.
  • Teachers will aim to provide a variety of pre-recorded lessons, presentations, lesson notes or links to useful websites as well as Google Meets at certain times.  
  • We are still awaiting guidance on requirements for registration. At the moment, we will be posing a question each morning for children to answer and show their registration before 12pm. We will update this when we have further guidance. The Head Teacher will contact parents of children who do not register after 3 days of non-engagement for safeguarding purposes and see if support is required.
  • Teachers will be available throughout the day for any questions or support and can be contacted through the Google Classroom or, emails. On certain days, teachers will be supporting supervision in school and may not be available immediately. If support is required, the Head Teacher is also available on and the school can be contacted by phone 01456 450458.

We thank you for your patience, support and understanding as we move forward.

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