Family Learning

I have heard from and seen many posts on social media over the weekend of parents who are very stressed and worried about how they are going to manage with home learning going forward. We would like to reassure all our families, that we are here to help in any way we can – just get in touch with us – it is no bother. Remember to only do what you can and to make a plan that fits in with your individual circumstances. Children at this point can learn various skills in independence, managing change, resilience as well as, life skills from being involved in household activities such as, cooking dinner, tidying etc. They will learn every day from you, just being together. Our teachers are also learning new skills as we try to support and extend learning experiences in different ways to meet the needs of all our children.

With this in mind, to support families with remote learning, we have updated our Family Learning Google Site with various links etc to information and resources which families may find useful. This can also offer ideas/resources and information should children be looking for extra activities but, we also recognise it is a lot of information so please just access what and when you feel necessary. There is no expectation to do anything more.

Each week we will update with new Picture News resources which feature activities for all areas of the curriculum linked to that week’s focus, a new Right of the Week to look at and if you visit the website; parents of younger children can see daily activities to support and highlight learning through play.

Also included within the Family Learning site is the Digital Learning page where parents can find support for the use of the Google learning environment.

The Highland Council also has the Digital Learning hub which has a vast array of resources and support.

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