Remote Learning Guidance

Earlier this week, I shared guidance around remote learning. Part of this involves direct learning – in our context – mainly using Google Meets. Safeguarding guidance from Highland Council is in place to ensure the safety of all as below;

Audio/video sessions must be conducted in locations and situations which meet professional and safeguarding expectations. For video sessions, please note the following advice:

  1. The room chosen for the session should be appropriate, e.g. living/dining room and the background of the image behind the person online should be neutral & appropriate, not providing personal or sensitive information.
  2. An expectation to all pupils should be made that when they are involved in a video session, they should also do so in a public room e.g. living/dining room or appropriate are in a living space.
  3. A pupil can be asked to move themselves to an appropriate location if the teacher feels that this should be the case.
  4. Where possible, other individuals, e.g. children, family members etc., must not be in shot or be able to be heard during a video or audio session.
  5. Clothing worn by teachers/professionals should be appropriate for the situation.
  6. These expectations also apply to the student and the teacher/professional should terminate and reschedule the session as appropriate if it is felt that they are not being met.
  7. Should a teacher/professional become concerned by anything that they see or hear during a session, then this should be reported to the Head Teacher.
  8. Teachers/professionals may record any sessions conducted via audio or video with agreement of all involved (e.g. to allow others to watch a lesson at a later date.)
  9. Students (and Parents) may not record any session conducted via audio or video.

We thank you for your support in follow these guidelines.

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