Parent Meeting Guidance

Online parent meetings take place tomorrow, Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th from 3.45-5.45pm. Emails have been sent home and information has also been provided in previous posts. Please find below some guidance surrounding these meetings which we ask all parents to follow to allow these to run smoothly for all.

Guidance for Parents

How to technically book and join using your device –

Please familiarise yourself with the details above before the call. Login 10-15 minutes before the call and check that your camera and mircophone are enabled by clicking on Video Settings on the right once you click into the meeting. Timings are exact and the system will cut off automatically after the time has run out. Teachers will update on your child’s progress and next steps. Please have any questions prepared and recognise that the time is limited. A timer is displayed which will count down the time.

You need to login for each child so please be ready for this if you have more than one appointment.

Roles, Responsibilities and Expectations:

  • Login early to make sure settings are prepared
  • Sitting in a quiet environment where you can give full attention
  • You may wish to have your child or young person with you
  • This is chance for both you and the teacher to talk about your child’s progress and achievement
  • Time will be limited on the call and you may find it useful to jot down any questions you would like to ask
  • Please be respectful at all times during the consultation as you would if you were meeting face to face
  • It is not permitted to record the meeting in any form by the school or the parent, this is in breach of the hosting company policy.
  • If you encounter any technical difficulties and have to leave the call, the Head Teacher will contact you at a later date by telephone to discuss.

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