Feedback from Parents

At the Parent Council meeting last night I shared the feedback we had received through the Google Form about lockdown. I have copied this below for all parents. Parents in attendance were also able to give insight into what was going well and added challenges and as a result we will also look at how we can support parents further with using Giglets, consider how we will value the work that has been done in lockdown jotters when children return and look at how we can organise Google Classroom to be clearer in future.

Feedback from Google Form was widely varied.  

Successes were around Google Meets, seeing teachers, mixture of tasks being set, structured timetables, Hub working well, online work, extras such as BBC online tasks, resources, PE sessions, Science lessons, responsiveness to questions, feedback from teachers.

Challenges were around technical issues, not enough work/too much work, too challenging/not challenging enough, too much online/not enough online, no printer, difficulties with Google Classroom, doing home learning with several children/ alongside own work, lack of social contact, not enough devices, lack of feedback, registration (this is a legal requirement which the school has to adhere to.)

Have tried to support this with; 

  • Focus on Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Wellbeing with Family Learning site providing learning in an array of other subjects and also extensions to learning.
  • Highlighting resources and new activities available on Family Learning site through weekly blog on News page
  • Mild, spicy, hot options to increase differentiation and challenge.
  • Short recorded teaching lessons that people can access at a time that suits as not everyone can access live lessons (bandwidth, sharing devices, having microphone/camera, parental support, confidence in speaking out, confidentiality, increased anxiety of missing out, lack of attendance- only capturing less than 50% when do these- then catching up) and makes this equitable also teachers are sometimes unable to see everyone in a live lesson.
  • Attempted live sessions in smaller groups however, have returned to recorded (Example – takes over 1 ¼ hours for staff to prepare a half hour lesson with online manipulatives and resources and then less than half the group turn up (for valid reasons I’m sure as described above) meaning now either have another group or have to go over it again, widening gap.)
  • Highlighting opportunities for offline working
  • A mixture of printable and online activities
  • Consideration given to resources required (all have maths packs, jotters)
  • Tutorial on how to see the feedback being given
  • Increased feedback from staff (recognising some are in-school/part-time)  
  • Highlighting opportunities for learning through play in younger years
  • Google Meets at set times (so no two classes on at same time ~ in-school and when sharing devices) to allow social interaction where possible and varying the format of these
  • Upper school working on joint projects but, this hasn’t worked as well as we had hoped.
  • Have also tried to keep to teaching times through the day for both staff and children, this works for some families and not for others.  Staff available through email in school hours.

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