Family Learning w.b. 29.3.21

For this week and over next term, we have decided to have ‘Focus Fortnights’ where the whole school will follow the same mini-topic themes. Our aim is to be able to regain a whole school feeling with all classes working on the same topic, encompassing different curricular areas and then sharing learning at our weekly assemblies. For next term, our Family Learning will be set from this. Our first Focus Fortnight is ‘Spring and Easter’ and will run for this week and the first week after the break. We hope you have fun with these.

This week we have days leading up to Easter Sunday. We have our egg decorating competition on Wednesday morning (remember your hard boiled egg) and we will have a special guest for our assembly on Wednesday also. This week is also Autism Awareness Week. The Hindu festival of Holi takes place over yesterday and today and Jewish Passover takes place from 27th March – 4th April.

New this week on our Family Learning Site;

  • Right of the Week focused on articles 12 (respect for the views of the child) and 13 (freedom of expression) in relation to Participation which is one of the four general principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) (Right of the Child page)
  • Fun activities for outdoors at home related to Spring (Covid page – Interdisciplinary section)
  • Home challenges related to Easter (Covid page – Interdisciplinary section)
  • Resources to support Autism Awareness Week (Covid page – Interdisciplinary section)
  • A video from BBC Bitesize explaining Holi and Passover to the children (Covid page – Interdisciplinary section)

Weekly updates in Covid page;

  • Home learning around the Picture News this week covering this week’s Wonder of the Week around should we keep red telephone boxes? (weekly ideas for home learning)
  • A new set of activities around the Right of the Week – focused on Article 9 (separation from parents), Article 10 (family reunification) and 11 (abduction and non-return of children) linked with Picture News (Rights of the Child page)
  • Zoodle – Fer-ocious Felines (weekly ideas for home learning)
  • Dynamic Earth free weekly activities – rewilding, spotlight Scientists Dr Christopher Jackson, experiments around Chromatography (Interdisciplinary section)
  • Weekly Gaelic support from Comann nam Pàrant’s – weekly timetable added (Weekly Gaelic resources section)
  • Weekly links from Twinkl Alba for BBC Alba Gaelic Medium programmes (Weekly Gaelic resources section)
  • BBC Bitesize has stopped for Easter break.

Please remember these activities are there as extra, optional activities to support home learning.

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