Family Learning w.b. 10.5.21

Current focus; Sustainable Development Goals

We have another week with lots of awareness days including; National Vegetarian Week, Coeliac Awareness Week – see the ideas for how you could learn and get involved. Mental Health Awareness Week and Green Health Week are linked and the children will get postcards to complete on how nature helps our mental health. Please can these be handed back by the end of the week? Can the children tell you about our Emotion Works programme and what they remember from this? Can they tell you which of the Calm a Class strategies they are finding the most useful? Information and activities for these can be found on the Interdisciplinary awareness days page. It is also Digital Learning Week. Can you design a digital classroom of the future? Or consider your digital footprint? Have a look at the Digital Learning page for more information and support at home.

Also new this week on our Family Learning Site;

  • Right of the Week focused on articles 31 the right to leisure. play and culture (Right of the Child page)
  • Picture News resources linked with the football super leagues and our Wonder of the Week – What role does sport play in our lives? (Literacy page)
  • Additional resource looking at rights associated with Foster Care Fortnight (Right of the Child page)

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