Family Learning w.b. 31.5.21

Current focus; Our theme changes this week to now focus on Digital Schools. See this page for a list of home learning ideas linked with our current ‘Focus Fortnight.’ There are also many activities related to Digital areas on our Digital Learning page.

This week we have the following awareness days. Information and activities for these can be found on the Interdisciplinary awareness days page.

  • National Garden Wildlife Week This carries on well from our previous Focus Fortnight on Woodlands. Go on an animal print or poo hunt and learn how to attract wildlife to your garden.
  • Pride Month Learn about the history of the rainbow flag and consider how families are different.
  • 1.6.21 Global Day of Parents and International Children’s Day How can we show our parents/carers how much they mean to us?
  • 5.6.21 World Environment Day Play a game and learn about restoring the planet (needs an email address sign in.) Learn how to save energy at home.

Also new this week on our Family Learning Site;

  • Right of the Week focused on articles 29, goals of education (Right of the Child page)
  • Picture News resources closely linked with new giraffes born at Edinburgh zoo and new tiger cubs born at the Highland Wildlife Park and our Wonder of the Week – How can zoos support sustainability? (Literacy page)
  • Additional resource looking at rights associated with Roma, Gypsy and Traveller History Month (Right of the Child page)

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