The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse

In their weekly lessons with Mrs Laird the children in P2-7 have been focussing on the story ‘The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse’ by Charlie Mackesy. We’ve looked at themes that link with our school values of friendship, trust, empathy and positivity. We have also linked in with our Emotions Work work and used our creativity to make some poems.

We considered that the boy wished to be kind when he grew up and thought about the types of character traits we would like to show when we grew up and how they would help us in our jobs. P4-7 created acrostic name poems to show these and P2-3 just chose one and illustrated it.

Then, we considered the emotions that the characters had shown. The P4-7 children made poems using Emotion Works as a base. They had to choose an emotion shown in the book (Emotion Words), use a simile to compare it to a colour then say how it was shown in their bodies (Body Sensations) and then use alliteration to describe what caused them to feel this (Triggers.) Their poems were excellent and we used our digital skills to publish them!

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